A New Choice for Women: FDA Approves New “Gummy Bear” Implant

February 27, 2013 - by

We’re excited to announce that the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has just approved a new-generation silicone gel implant from Natrelle. This is a great product and we’re delighted to offer our patients more choices for their breast augmentation procedures.

Technically called the Natrelle 410, this product has been dubbed a “gummy bear” implant because of the highly cohesive nature of the silicone gel. It is form stable, meaning the gel keeps its shape and doesn’t move within the implant shell. This is significant because the silicone gel in the previous generation of implants had a consistency similar to honey and could flow to the bottom of the shell when in the upright position, possibly leading to loss of fullness in the upper part of the breast.

The Natrelle 410 has another benefit: It is anatomically shaped and mimics the natural slope of the breast. This style can be particularly appropriate for certain women seeking revision surgery or breast reconstruction, when little breast tissue might be present. Because of its “gummy bear” gel, the implant retains its shape in any position and remains soft to the touch over time. The newly approved implant comes in a dozen different models, each offering a different size, projection, and height.

While the Natrelle 410 implants are new to the United States, they have been sold in Europe and Canada for years and are the top selling shaped implant in those markets, according to the company. They were approved by our FDA after seven years of testing involving almost 1000 women.

We welcome the opportunity to offer another product to help you reach your breast enhancement goals. Please visit us for a consultation and see if the “gummy bear” implants are right for you!

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