Breast Lift: It’s About Your Self-Image

May 24, 2012 - by

A woman’s self-esteem is often partially tied to the appearance of her breasts. Unfortunately, that connection means self-esteem can sag along with your breasts due to childbearing, weight loss, and aging. When you see yourself in the mirror and don’t like what you see—especially if you compare yourself to how you looked when you were younger—it may be time to boost up your confidence and your breasts.

Sometimes, diet and exercise are enough to turn your self-image around, but these positive lifestyle changes cannot fix everything all the time. For some things, plastic surgery is a valid and even necessary approach. Breast lift is an example of a procedure for which there is no non-surgical substitute.

As you age, there are many factors that can cause your breasts to sag along with your self-image. Breastfeeding, pregnancy, smoking, and genetics may all lead to sagging skin. Aging contributes to loss of muscle and collagen. Weight fluctuations also contribute to extra skin and a loss of firmness in your breasts. While certain exercises may build the muscles that are under your breasts, there are no muscles inside the breasts themselves, so exercise alone can’t lift them.

If your breasts are making you unhappy, treating yourself to a breast lift may be a way to banish feelings that are keeping you from enjoying each day to the fullest. A poor self-image impacts your career, your relationships, and your day-to-day attitude. Consider these ways in which a breast lift may improve your life:

  • You won’t always have to wear those loathsome, armor-like bras to hold up your breasts.
  • You can run and exercise more comfortably.
  • Clothing designed to hug your curves will hang nicely on your new figure.
  • You can walk along the boardwalk or attend a summer party in strappy garments that garner admiring looks.
  • Even naked, you will no longer be ashamed to look at your breasts in the mirror.
  • You will just plain feel better about yourself.

During a breast lift procedure, your breasts are not only lifted, but reshaped. The loose, sagging skin is removed and your nipples are repositioned higher on each breast. Breast lift can provide a more youthful appearance in a very natural way—the surgery is tailored to your goals, and implants are totally optional, so you can choose the look you want—anywhere between Audrey Hepburn (svelte) or Salma Hayek (bombshell). No matter what size you choose, your breasts will be positioned at a proper height on your chest, giving you a silhouette you’ll feel confident showing off around New York City.

It’s important to realize that you will have scars after the procedure, but they’ll be strategically placed around and below your nipples. With proper care, the scars will eventually fade almost completely. Patients find that the scars are well worth having their breasts lifted.

You’ll also likely be more comfortable because the procedure eliminates the chafing that occurred when your drooping breasts rubbed against your skin. If you’re not “even,” your breasts can be made more symmetrical too. Most importantly, a breast lift will give your self-esteem and self-image a major boost.

If you choose a board certified plastic surgeon in Manhattan who has already done a significant number of breast lift procedures, you will most likely get results you’ll love. Whether you want to look great naked, wow your intimate partner, or gain back the confidence you lost over time, a breast lift can give you that extra push up.

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