What makes Sculptra Aesthetic and RADIESSE® different?

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Sculptra Aesthetic and RADIESSE® are part of the next generation of dermal fillers, a step beyond the well-known hyaluronic acid (HA) products such as JUVÉDERM®. They are biostimulators, meaning they prompt the body to produce new collagen in addition to plumping the skin.

Aging slows the body’s ability to renew the structures that support the skin. These injectable gels encourage the body to grow healthy new collagen, the protein that helps give firmness, structure, and elasticity to the skin. Thus they help replace lost volume over time, sometimes providing results for a year or more.

Because Sculptra Aesthetic and RADIESSE® stimulate collagen production, they are a breed apart from traditional HA fillers. The products are an exciting option for anyone who wants to reverse the visible signs of facial aging without a surgical approach.The way each one brings about facial rejuvenation is a bit different, but both work with your body’s natural processes.

  • RADIESSE®. This product works right away, instantly adding volume to the face. But during the next few months after treatment, RADIESSE® will also stimulate collagen production so your skin continues to look smoother and more youthful.

The innovative calcium-based microspheres in RADIESSE® provide structural support to the skin’s underlying layer while new cells are being produced. The microspheres harmlessly disintegrate in the body while the new collagen continues to plump the skin, restoring volume and smoothing wrinkles. The results of RADIESSE® have been clinically proven to last as long as a year in many patients, providing a great value for each treatment.

  • Sculptra Aesthetic. This injectable also uses a micro-particle gel. Instead of a single treatment, it is administered in a series of sessions over a few months, usually consisting of three injections. Its volumizing effects emerge over time, and have been shown in studies to last up to two years. As with RADIESSE®, Sculptra Aesthetic works to encourage collagen production deep in the dermis.

This gel is made from the same synthetic material (poly-L-lactic acid) that is used in dissolvable stitches, so it’s medically safe and ultimately absorbable by the body. Post-injection, the gel’s distribution is boosted with a contouring massage.

For those who want to see their results right away, Sculptra Aesthetic can be used in conjunction with one of the traditional HA fillers. We are also excited about offering Artefill, another long-lasting filler, and Voluma, the newest FDA-approved filler for cheeks. Stay tuned for information on these great products!

RADIESSE® and Sculptra Aesthetic are long-lasting dermal fillers that present exciting options for facial rejuvenation. Because they stimulate the body’s natural collagen production, they continue to provide improvement long after the treatment itself. Are you curious about which one of these collagen stimulators can help you? Come see Dr. Zevon so he can listen to your concerns and recommend appropriate facial rejuvenation options.

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