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BOTOX® Cosmetic

Looking for a reputed plastic surgeon for BOTOX®? New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Zevon injects Botulinum toxin A (BOTOX® Cosmetic) to treat wrinkles in the forehead, between the eyebrows, in the neck, and elsewhere. Dr. Zevon also performs BOTOX® injections for hyperhidrosis, or excessive perspiration.

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BOTOX® Cosmetic is injected into the muscle with a small-gauge needle in the area of the wrinkles. The number of injections depends on the size of the wrinkled area. The sensation varies from a pinprick to brief, sharp pain lasting just a few seconds. Most people experience the injections as minor discomfort. A topical application of local anesthesia can be used if desired. After the injections, you must keep your head upright for four hours to prevent possible migration of the BOTOX® Cosmetic into regions below the treated areas, and avoid massaging the skin.

The most common side effect is a headache which usually resolves in 24 to 48 hours. People with sensitive skin may appear slightly bruised for a short time after the injections. If the BOTOX® Cosmetic migrates from the injected area to the eyebrow, the eyebrow may droop slightly. This may last for two or three weeks.

BOTOX® Cosmetic temporarily weakens the injected muscles. It may take up to several days for the weakening to develop to its fullest extent. After that time, you will have difficulty wrinkling your brow or squeezing your eyebrows together. The smoothing of the skin develops gradually, and usually continues over a period of weeks. The injected areas will appear less wrinkled and smoother. Others may perceive you as looking less anxious, more relaxed, calmer and younger. The result lasts from three to six months, after which you can repeat the treatment.

BOTOX® Cosmetic can substantially improve the appearance of a wrinkles caused by facial expressions, etched over time. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons considers BOTOX® Cosmetic injections of certain facial wrinkles safe and effective treatment when administered by a board-certified plastic surgeon.

In March 2002, the Food & Drug Administration approved treatments of certain facial wrinkles with the use of Botox. New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Zevon can examine you and advise you what areas would benefit from BOTOX® Cosmetic injections.

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