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Breast Reduction Manhattan

You might consider a breast reduction if the size of your chest causes chronic back, neck, or shoulder pain, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). Here is what you should know about your surgery:
  • Speak with several different doctors before choosing Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Zevon. Be sure he or she performs this surgery often.
  • The operation costs roughly $6,000 to $9,000, so you’ll want to make sure your insurance company will at least foot part of the bill.
  • For a reduction to be considered for coverage by an insurer, a doctor typically must submit proof of a chronic problem, photos of the patient’s chest and the weight of tissues to be removed.
  • During surgery, doctors remove excess tissue, fat and skin. “While scars do heal and fade, the ones beneath the breasts are permanently visible,” says Scott J. Zevon, M.D., P.C., a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in New York City, “and four months post-op, the scars may still be tender.”
  • Some women lose sensitivity in their nipples and may lose the ability to breast-feed. In some cases nipples and breasts are not perfectly symmetrical (although a second surgery can fix any inconsistencies).
  • Recovery takes at least a month. During this time, patients must wear a supportive bra, day and night.

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