Model Image Your Chin Augmentation Surgery

Your chin augmentation surgery

Facial plastic surgery in New York, including the insertion of a chin implant with Dr. Zevon may take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. During the procedure, Dr. Zevon selects the proper size and shape implant to enhance your appearance and inserts it into a pocket over the front of the jawbone. The small incision to create the pocket and insert the implant is placed inside the mouth (along the lower lip) or in the skin just under the chin area.

Usually, the chin is taped after surgery to minimize swelling and discomfort. Sutures in the skin will be removed in five to seven days. If an intra-oral incision is used, the sutures will dissolve.

Recovering from chin surgery

You will experience some discomfort and swelling in the affected area for several days. It’s normal to experience some temporary difficulty with smiling and talking. Bruises may be visible around the chin and neck. Dr. Zevon will instruct you about dental hygiene, eating and any restrictions to your activities after surgery.

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